2 – 5 Floating

Meet Mr. Sensitive!

You can not crank slow enough to stop them from wobbling! Theygo deep and follow your rod just like our sinkers do. Two trebles on even the smallest lure is our standard.We were the first to introduce such small lures into serial production.
Cast them diagonally upstream and let them float downstream. Then prepare for a strike where the current changes. You can bump the bottom, pull them over the weed beds, around sunken structures, pull them on a sinker rig or troll them. You can even invent tricks of your own with these versatile lures. Put them on some really light tackle and they will never let you down.


Order Form
Model Type Length Weight Swimming Depth Treble Hook Suggested Line Diameter
2F Floating 1″ (2.5 cm) 1/28oz (1.0 gr) 1-3 feet (0.3-1.0 m) No.16 5/100″ (0.12-0.14 mm)
3F Floating 1 1/4” (3.3 cm)  1/20oz (1.5 gr) 1-5 feet (0.3-1.5 m) No.14 5-6/100″ (0.14-0.16 mm)
4F Floating 1 5/8″ (4.0 cm) 1/14oz (2.0 gr) 1-6 feet (0.3-2.0 m) No.12 5-7/100″ (0.14-0.18 mm)
5F Floating 2″ (5.0 cm) 1/10oz (2.8 gr) 1-8 feet (0.3-2.5 m) No.10 6-8/100″ (0.16-0.20 mm)