9 & 11 Sinking

You’re gonna need a bigger boat!

These lures were specially designed for big water trolling. They first proved themselves on Italian lakes and the Mediterranean sea before they were tested on African lakes and some large Siberian rivers. They have also been used by fishermen on other seas and oceans around the world.
Though they are delicately balanced to maintain the patented Ugly Duckling® vibration through a wide range of speeds and depths, these tough guys were made to take on the real bruisers.
Ready for any fight, they are heavily armed, ensuring secure hooksets and landings!


Order Form
Model Type Length Weight Swimming Depth Treble Hook Suggested Line Diameter
9 Sinking 4 3/8″(10.5 cm) 1/2(15 gr) 2-10 feet (0.6-3m) No.4 10-12/100″(0.25-0.30 mm)
11 Sinking 4 3/4″(12 cm) 2/3(18 gr) 2-13 feet (0.8-4.0 m) No.2 10-12/100″(0.25-0.30 mm)