6 MR & DR

Target Striker!

Carefully balanced, these lures work even during very slow retrieval. They stay stable through a wide range of cranking speeds or strong sudden current changes. Casts great into the wind. Unique, whole body vibration attracts larger predators than you expect.
Available as a deep or medium runner, these lures cover many different fishing situations. What else? As with all Ugly Duckling® lures, they are designed for solid hooksets and secure landing. Two WMC trebles will make all your worries go away!
Easy to use straight out of the box, they are versatile tools that are sure to make a passionate fisherman out of anyone!
Anywhere, anytime, any predator fish!


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Model Type Length Weight Swimming Depth Treble Hook Suggested Line Diameter
6 MR Floating, Medium Runner 2 3/8″(6.0 cm) 2/7oz (8.0 gr) 2-5 feet (0.5-1.5 m) No.6 7-9/100″ (0.18-0.22 mm)
6 DR Floating, Deep    Runner 2 3/8″(6.0 cm) 2/7oz (8.0 gr) 5-10 feet (1.5-3.0 m) No.6 7-9/100″ (0.18-0.22 mm)