Lure Tips

Tuning An Ugly Duckling® Lure
If, for any reason, your wobbler moves irregularly, you can readjust the guiding ring as shown below. This should be done very carefully, using small pliers.


Lure/Line Connections
First of all, never tie a knot directly onto an Ugly Duckling® lure. Use light and simple snaps in sizes consistent with the size of the lure and line diameter. The snaps allow you to tie a quality knot that retains full line strength as well as offering a quick method of lure change. They also have no affect on the lure’s vibration and diving depth – two essential characteristics.
Avoid swivels or complicated snaps whenever possible as they change the balance of the lure. Although, when fishing pike or other large, sharp toothed predators, you can use wire trace or other safety leaders.

The Ugly Duckling® Knot
The Ugly Duckling® knot is a strong, reliable connection that resists slippage and premature failures. This knot can be used in joining line to swivels, snaps or leaders. The knot’s unique double wrap design and ease of tying consistently yields a strong, dependable connection.



Use the lightest tackle possible when using the smaller sizes of Ugly Duckling® lures. The rod should be light, flexible and long (approx. 2.5m-4m). The recommended line tolerance should be within 0.12mm-0.14mm and should never exceed 0.2mm.
For the larger Ugly Duckling® lure models, somewhat stiffer fishing rods can be used with lines of regular diameters.

Retrieve as slowly as possible to maintain vibration. In fast-flowing streams or a strong current it is often enough to simply hold the wobbler until it is very close to the bank.
There are no universal rules in fishing, but generally the darker colored lures work best in transparent water, while the brighter colored lures are more suited less clear water and in dimmer light conditions. Also, keep in mind the effects of weather when choosing which lure will be best suited for the specific situation.
However, always try different combinations of size, color and weight, guided by your own experience!