History Of The Ugly Duckling® Lure

Konstantin, the father of Ugly Duckling® designer Aleksandar Vaselinovic, stands by the emerald whirl of the river Moratcha. He takes one of Alexander’s early handcrafted lures out of the tackle box and gives it to his fishing friend Jakov. As Jakov begins to pull trout after trout from the water, a nearby fisherman asks him what bait he is using. “An Ugly Duckling!” – he says.
The story of Ugly Duckling® lures began in the late 60’s, when as a young designer, Aleksandar, began creating lures that suited his favorite rivers. Armed with a strong fishing heritage, and filled with a passion for fishing, he began developing an eye for studying nature and more specifically, fish behavior. After many years of experiencing fishing all over the world, Aleksandar developed a line of original lures along with a method of lure production technology.
Today, after endless tank and stream testing, combined with laboratory research, we are proud of each and every lure our team of skilled craftsmen and technical staff have manufactured.
Having been around now for over 30 years, Ugly Duckling® wobblers have reached customers worldwide. You can hear sport fishermen talk about them from Russian rivers to Canadian lakes to Scandinavian seas to the Gulf Coast of the USA. Available in 35 different colors, they cover all situations, weather conditions and water clarity. With an Ugly Duckling® wobbler on your line, you will become a master among fishermen!