Rp Ratt

Argh, So Ye Be Lookin’ Fer Monster’s, Eh?!

Are you looking for a challenge? Do you cast over and over again, just to find that trophy? Trophy sized salmon and it’s relatives are just waiting for this enticing, fluid moving lure.
Perfect for trolling and downrigging, this lure features slightly slower action and low frequency sound chambers that attract the larger species of predators. It has also proven itself in big, strong currents and rapid waters where big trout live.
This selective lure is made of extremely durable plastics and is well made for long and tiring fights!


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Model Type Length Weight Swimming Depth Treble Hook Suggested Line Diameter
RP’RATT Floating 3 1/2″(9.0 cm) 1″(28 gr) 2-5 feet (0.5-1.5 m) No.1 12-16/100″(0.30-0.40 mm)