Everything a lure would wish to be. It glidesthrough the air smoothly using the lip as a spoiler gently to the water surface. Once retrieved, the lip hits the w

ater first, then the whole body emerges and on retrieval begins to dive steeply down to the depths.

The sensation transmitted from the lure is remarkable, offering the angler unmatched vibration and presentation. You would almost wish to see under water the action it creates. The natural contour of the lure glides through the water like a natural inhabitant!

All ALEX lures share the same design standards with body through welded wire frames wich removes the strain from the body, giving your presentation balance and poise. Lips are made of the highest grade polymers in the wide, long or slim styles and shapes

Design impregnation into the wood and several protective paint coatings mixed to our own color palette provide waterproof features even if demaged bu sharp-teeth predators.

Tango SR
This unique lipped lure offers vibration, flash and great strenght, usually found only in deep diving lures. The TANGO SR can be cast over the top of weed lines and edges as a go to lure after a cold front has moved in, or the weather is about to change. Many species of fish will gecome active just by the natural appearance of these lures.

Lures constructed in balsa wood make great demands of the designer. However, the end result justifies this great effort, with the lifelike presentation of baitfish, the way Mother Nature had intende

Tango  COLOR CHART                                                                                                                                                                        


Tango  COLOR CHART  salt water      

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Model No. Length Weight Hooks Running Depth
TGF6DR 6 cm 7 g VMC 9622 BN, # 8 retreiving – 2 m +; trolling: 3,5 m +
TGF7DR 7 cm 9 g VMC 9622 BN, # 4 retreiving – 2,6 m +; trolling: 5 m +
TGF8DR 8 cm 15 g VMC 9622 BN, # 2 retreiving- 6,5 m +; trolling: 8 m +.
TGF6SR 6 cm 7 g VMC 9622 BN, # 8 retreiving- 1 m
TGF7SR 7 cm 9 g VMC 9622 BN, # 4 retreiving- 1,5 m
TGF8SR 8 cm 15 g VMC 9622 BN, # 2 retreiving- 2,0 m